998D 300 Meters Range Remote Pet Training Shock Collar with LCD Display for 2 Dogs (Black)

998D 300 Meters Range Remote Pet Training Shock Collar with LCD Display for 2 Dogs (Black)

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The product is the most effective and safest tool specially designed for pet training to make the pet understand the intention of its owner. The pet training collar can be controlled remotely up to 300 meters, and has different channels for 2 dogs at the same time. With easy to operate and energy-saving design, it is really a wonderful gadget for your pet training.


- Model: 998D.
- Color: black.
- 100% brand new and high quality remote pet training shock collar.
- Remote control range up to 300 meters.
- Different channels for 2 pets training at the same time.
- LCD screen displays the intensity of the shock and electric shock, the shock intensity gradually gets weak from 100 to 0. When it displays 000, there is neither vibration nor shock.
- Mode button:
1. Used for changing the mode, such as Static shock, Beep, Virbration and Light modes.
2. Re-activate, press the mode button for 3 seconds till you see the LCD display showing numbers.
- 100 levels of vibration.
- 100 levels of static (optional).
- The levels can be altered by use of up & down button.
- A tone button activates a tone on the receiver.
- This system is used for only 1 receiver.
- The receiver will TURN OFF if it is unused for 4 minutes.
- Any movement will activate the receiver into STANDBY MODE.
- The transmitter will go into STANDBY MODE if there is no operation after 20 seconds and turn off after 2 minute.

User Manual for Transmitter

- To install the batteries, open the battery cover, which is at the back of the transmitter.
- Install the battery (2 * 4LR44/ 6V) in the transmitter and ensure the polarity is correct.
- The transmitter will be TURN ON automatically.
- Press the buttons one by one - the LCD images will change.
- Press the up and down buttons on right hand side to set level. .
- The LED light can be used for giving training signals.
- The transmitter will go into STANDBY MODE if not operated for 20 seconds and will TURN OFF if not operated for 2 minutes.
- In STANDBY MODE, press any button (except LED light button) to wake it up.
- To TURN ON the transmitter, hold mode button for at least 5 seconds.

User Manual for the Receiver and Code

- To install the batteries.
- Remove the cover.
- Install the batteries (2 * 1.5V AAA), make sure the polarity is correct.
- There is a beep right after installing the batteries in the receiver.
- Go to the transmitter and choose 1 or 2 channel to encode by pressing the channel button 1/2 in the transmitter.
- Then press the LAUNCH button on transmitter immediately.
- The receiver will beep – it is now encoded to the transmitter.
- Replace cover and tighten metal probes.


- The valid distance of remote control means the straight-line distance between the transmitter and the receiver without obstacles. If there are interference signal or signal screening around, the actual remote control distance may vary.
- Training process should be kept positive and short, about 10-15 minutes long each time.